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Trasform your organization into an Intelligent Digital Organism : IoT Platform, Hardware, Software, Cloud, Firmware IoT Platform
Innovazione(1) Innovation Value Technologies We create,design and develop highly innovative value project : custom or integration solution Partner IT IoT System Integration Advanced technological solutions for real-time control and monitoring :
smart security, smart city, industry 4.0, energy effiency, environment monitoring
System Integration
Box Iot(1) BOX-IO ECOSYSTEM With BOX-IO everything is connected and under control BOX-IO Airinquinamento(1) SOCIAL AND GREEN THINKING Our solutions help you to reduce environmental pollution and control the environmental impact of your business. Discover how we create social value for our community Smart Sustainable Living
System Integration Innovation Technological Partner BOX IOT Green Thinking

Value IoT Technology

Our goal is to realise IoT technological projects of value.
By choosing us, at EdaLab, you will find services and solutions tailored to your needs.


Succesfull innovation begins with collaboration : EdaLab constantly collaborates with academic worlds to test innovative ICT solutions.


A set of horizontal hyper-connected capabilities allow us to provides IoT services from research and development to production and quality assurance, as well as optimise software development and IT business processes

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We are the only IoT technological partner that can meet your software, hardware, cloud and firmware needs.


We got the ability to effectively evaluate, prioritise and develop the most meaningful opportunities, through the organisation, into commercialisation and, ultimately, the marketplace.


Analysis 0

  • Analysis of requirements and technical characteristics
  • Opportunity and criticality analysis
  • Technical inspection Study,
  • Conception, design and analysis of the technical IoT solution
  • Strategy oriented to the objective and to the specific requests of the customer

Rapid Prototyping 0

  • Realisation of a pilot project in a short time
  • Field validation of identified solution
  • Creation of specific test environments
  • Proof of concept
  • Demos and Simulations in a short time to share with stakeholders

Production 0

  • Perfecting the solution in the field
  • Rapid resolution of any malfunctions
  • Extension of the software and hardware solution
  • Certifications, Service and Support Network of trusted partners able to provide support in specific sectors

We, at Edalab, are able to offer at our customers consulting services and technical training, during the course of a project we stimulate the transfer of technological knowledge.


We consider fundamental the transfer of technology related to the implementation in a project, which is why we adopt transparent sharing strategies to transfer key knowledge in the ICT field.


Our ICT Know-How allows us to realise a complete technological project: designing and developing software components, firmware, cloud and hardware.

The synergy with the University of Verona allows us to access a wealth of technological knowledge of the latest generation, feeding and increasing our technical know-how.


 We translate this knowledge into concrete IoT solutions of value for the market.

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Customer satisfaction comes before anything else, which is why we are particularly attentive in meeting project objectives and timelines.


We have always adopted strategies in which we focus on the needs of the customer and the final objectives, respecting deadlines and working in a completely transparent and ethical way.

Partner and Customer

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Since 2007, we have realised hundreds of IT projects of technological and innovative value that have found employment in various business sectors.
We have a network of trusted partners with whom we can extend the project in specific sectors and high risk.


Discover some of the IoT projects and software carried out for our customers

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Case History


IoT Healthcare Platform

Customer: Alessandria Hospital
Objective: Evaluating the quality of life of post-disease cancer patients


IoT Museum Platform

Customer: Vicenza Diocesano Museum
Objective: Development of an IoT platform for the proper conservation of the works displayed<...


IoT Lighting Platform

Customer: ECOSPARKS, Kerr Italia
Objective: Development of an IoT platform to optimize energy consumption


Digital Trasformation

Customer: Comune di Padova
Objective: Digitization of attendance management procedures in local markets


IoT Agriculture Solution

Customer: PaStella Factory
Objective: Optimization and efficiency of the resources used for agricultural treatments

Lock 1

IoT System Integration

Customer: NL Lock Electronics
Objective: IoT system for remote control of locks


IoT Agriculture Solution

Customer: Ente Consorzio Agricolo
Objective : Water saving through plant irrigation


IoT Security Solution

Customer: University of Verona
Objective: Implement an IoT system to increase building security


IoT Co-Working Solution

Customer: IVM
Objective: Provide an IoT solution for Smart Working


Stay up to date on the latest technical skills in ICT and discover how we create value for the community


Smart Building Project: Security IoT System

The project aims to boost the integration of home automation technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) into products for the smart building wor...


CORE-WOOD Project: Wood Supply Chain

FOR FESR 2014-2020. Project linked to the funding POR FESR 2014 - 2020 - Objective "Competitive repositioning of the wood supply chain in the field...


GOTHEM Project : Global Energy Management

European project related to ROP funding - Objective "Accelerating technological innovation in support of energy transition" ERDF part of the Europe...


PREMANI Project: Predictive Manufacturing

Intervention carried out using ROP funding - Objective 'Increase in business innovation activity' ERDF part of the European Regional Development Fu...