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IoT Platform to collect, monitor and control data in real time using machine learning algorithms Discover more Piattaforma IoT Wireless
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From the analysis and design phase to production for the market, we are your partner for trasformazione digitale.

A complete know-how that allows you to carry out the entire development process of an innovative technological project.

We make intelligent and connected your products online thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies.

From prototyping to market realization

We design and develop components

We customize services and microservices specific to your needs by programming, developing and maintaining native cloud applications.

The experience with RESTful API paradigm and the Full Stack technologies allow us to create customised software required by the project.

Realizziamo soluzioni hardware personalizzate secondo le tue specifiche sviluppando tutti gli aspetti tecnologici di un nuovo prodotto innovativo.

We develop embedded systems to enable static/dynamic data acquisition and programming for monitoring your products.

Internet of Things (IoT platforms) to network your products and services

From the data acquisition up to its analysis in the Cloud environment

Technology solutions for real-time monitoring and control

You acquire, manipulate and process data to develop predictive models

Piattaforma IoT Wireless


Wireless IoT control and monitoring platform

BOX-IO is a hardware and software IoT ecosystem capable of collecting, managing and sending networked data in real time to optimise your business.

The edge software allows on-premises gateway management while the web application allows control and monitoring in the cloud environment.

Applicazioni web

Software Web IoT

Software to network your products

We design and develop software able to handle the growing complexities of integrated systems, both digital and analog.

Web IoT software allows you to control and monitor the real-time data of your assets.

Software Web IoT

A unique partner for the development of your solutions

Different companies have chosen us for the technological design and development of their products and services

Ricerca e Sviluppo

Research and Development

Flexible technology for different contexts

We have been carrying out technological innovation projects since 2007. Discover some of them and see if we are up to what you are looking for.


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Lo sviluppo di un’applicazione: come fare la differenza

Si stima che nel 2021 il numero totale di app scaricate in tutto il mondo sfiorerà i 352 miliardi. Si tratta di numeri impressionanti ma che ben rendono l’idea di quanto siano importanti queste piattaforme per qualsiasi organizzazione o azienda.

Cloud computing e Azure

Cloud Computing: la piattaforma Microsoft Azure

Il cloud computing è una tecnologia informatica che, da remoto, consente di distribuire risorse IT (hardware e software) tramite la rete internet. Non tutti i cloud sono uguali e non sempre il medesimo cloud computing è adatto a tutte le esigenze di un singolo cliente.

Inaugurazione DomhoBass


The DOMHO BASS project aims to bring the world of busines into relation to that of research and innovation of Venetian universities in order to promote the development of IoT solutions to make people with severe disabilities live independently.

DOHMO tv1 mod

Smart Building Project: DOMHO BASS

On Saturday, 15th May 2021 from 11.00 a.m has taken place the inauguration of DOHMO BASS. Domho's first home automation-enabled home designed for cohabitation and indipendent living of people with severe disabilities, thanks

Smart Security

Smart Building Project: Security IoT System

The project aims to boost integration into products destined for the smart building world.
In this context, the IoT home automation system in the field of cybersecurity is developed.

CORE-WOOD: Supply Chain del Legno

CORE-WOOD Project: Wood Supply Chain

The project aims to address a strategic issue of the supply chain, namely its competitive repositioning in a changed international context, a competitive environment in which the pressure of competitors from across the Alps is very high and therefore needs to close the deep competitive gaps.