CORE-WOOD: Supply Chain del Legno

CORE-WOOD Project: Wood Supply Chain

The project aims to address a strategic issue of the supply chain, namely its competitive repositioning in a changed international context, a competitive environment in which the pressure of competitors from across the Alps is very high and therefore needs to close the deep competitive gaps.

EDALAB azienda

A new image of EDALAB

We are an ever-changing company and we have always strongly believed in innovation and knowledge transfer as an enabling factor for our growth and the sorrounding community. From today, we have embrace a new image and a new way of communicating.

Protocollo di comunicazione Wireless: Zigbee

Wireless communication protocol: Zigbee

Zigbee is a wireless mesh network protocol and is one of the leading communication standard in the Internet of Things. ZigBee differs from other protocols in its ability to combine good autonomy and a discrete level of security.

Cloud computing

What do cloud computing services mean?

The cloud computing is a technology that is revolutionizing the IT sector in recent years. In fact, it is increasingly used for the management, collection and storage of large amounts of data to make them usable at any time and in any place.