intelligenza artificiale

When Artificial Intelligence and IoT meet

Internet of Things (IoT) e Intelligenza Artificiale (AI) sono due importanti tecnologie informatiche che sono ormai diventate, nel tempo, protagoniste indiscusse in diversi ambiti di applicazione. Si tratta di due concetti sì differenti, ma allo stesso tempo in grado di integrarsi perfettamente per creare nuove soluzioni di valore e dall’elevato potenziale dal punto di vista funzionale.

Piattaforme iot

How to choose an IoT platform?

IoT technology and IoT platforms are two closely related concepts, and together they contribute to the proper functioning of a large number of smart devices.
In order to make the most of all the advantages, it is necessary to know how to choose the most suitable platforms.

Devops software

What is Dev Ops?

Dev Ops represents a software design and development methodology, which is based on new working logics, on the union and collaboration of people, processes and available technologies.