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We are tecnhology

Creating technological value means offering markets the right tools and resources to improve their own effectiveness. Our daily challenge is to manage innovation so that we can put it at the service of companies and communities. The account of our projects and ideas is another side of our business because it brings users closer to what we do every day and can help you develop new skills.

Inaugurazione DomhoBass


The DOMHO BASS project aims to bring the world of busines into relation to that of research and innovation of Venetian universities in order to promote the development of IoT solutions to make people with severe disabilities live independently.

CORE-WOOD: Supply Chain del Legno

CORE-WOOD Project: Wood Supply Chain

The project aims to address a strategic issue of the supply chain, namely its competitive repositioning in a changed international context, a competitive environment in which the pressure of competitors from across the Alps is very high and therefore needs to close the deep competitive gaps.

EDALAB azienda

A new image of EDALAB

We are an ever-changing company and we have always strongly believed in innovation and knowledge transfer as an enabling factor for our growth and the sorrounding community. From today, we have embrace a new image and a new way of communicating.

Partecipa anche tu all’innovazione!

Take part in the innovation too!

With the decree signed by the Ministry of Economic Development, the names of qualified managers have been disclosed to which companies can refer to obtain advice aimed at supporting the processes of technological and digital transformation through enabling technologies provided by the Enterprise Plan 4.0

Industria 4.0: competenze e agevolazioni

Industry 4.0: skills and benefits

The term industry 4.0 refers to a new production and business management model that attracts millionaire investments and significant incentives. The term has entered forcibly in the common language but the meaning and concrete implications in the world of work are not very clear.