You can control and monitor your assets in real time

BOX-IO è un ecosistema IoT hardware e software in grado di raccogliere dati, gestirli ed inviarli in rete per controllare, monitorare e gestire prodotti, soluzioni e servizi. La visualizzazione e il controllo dei dati avviene tramite applicazione dedicata multipiattaforma (Web/App).

A unique technological platform for the control and monitoring of data.

Customized IoT Solution

The entire platform is customized and adapted to the context of use in order to achieve your goals.

Edge computing
e Sensori

The multi-protocol gateway is capable of creating connection networks with hundreds of objects, be they analog or digital.

Cloud services and A.I. algorithm

The flexible Cloud architecture allows the development of services and microservices for specific scenarios based on machine learning.

Over time we have standardized some products for the control and monitoring that we can provide as vertical solutions

Vertical KITs are developed to meet specific objectives with additional functionality of analysis, real-time data control and monitoring and operational contexts.

It enables the digitization of your processes, products and solutions quickly and easily.

Technological products that enable the connection and digitization of traditional solutions for the acquisition, monitoring and control of data in real time.

Rendi intelligente e connesso il tuo
prodotto per creare valore a partire dai dati.

From data acquisition to their analysis in the CLOUD environment

Sviluppiamo applicazioni web tramite tecnologia proprietaria EDALAB o Open Source su richiesta del Cliente.

Machine Learning

Advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms for data enhancement, time series analysis and predictive maintenance

Artificial Intelligence

Analisi delle componenti principali, rilevamento malfunzionamenti e anomalie, classificazione multiclasse e molto altro

Communication modules

The multi-protocol software capable of interfacing with Modbus, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, 4G LTE, WiFi, BLE, NFC, W-mBUS, OPC-UA and NB-IoT.

Scalable and fully customizable technology

Abilitiamo il controllo e monitoraggio dei tuoi prodotti e servizi

Applicazioni web

It acquires and analyzes data

The technological platform allows to acquire data from traditional protocols and send them directly to the Cloud where they can be analyzed and controlled in real time. The software can use forecasting models of type A.I to achieve specific objectives requested by the customer previously. 

Multiprotocol edge gateway

The Control Hub is equipped with a defragmentation level that allows the acquisition, processing and sending of data via Modbus RS485 protocols. Zigbee, LoRaWAN, wM-MBUS, OPC-UA, BLE, NFC, 4G, WiFi, MQTT and many more. The hub allows any digital and analog solution to be made intelligent and networked.

Flexible Cloud Architecture

The Cloud architecture was designed according to DevOps methodologies, the innovative Kubernetes architecture allows the platform to be flexible to grasp the value in any operating environment it is inserted. Its architecture allows you to create specific services and microservices at the customer's request such as events, alarms, notifications, automatisms, rules, permissions and much more.