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Control your environment anytime and everywhere

The IoT ecosystem allows to digitally transform your business scenarios in no time

What is BOX-IO ecosystem?

BOX-IOT is a hardware and software IoT ecosystem that can collect, manage and network data to control, monitor and manage critical parameters for success. Data visualization and control is done through a dedicated multi-platform software interface (Web/App).

The software is fully scalable and customizable according to each type of need.

BOX-IO is our IoT solution for the control and monitoring of data, operational flows and business scenarios, whether indoor or outdoor.

Box Iocos'è
Box Iocustom

Full customisation and white label solution

For hardware (OEM) and software manufacturers, and more generally for all those who need a technological solution that can create real final value for their business, you can customize the entire BOX-IOT, customizing the hardware structure-architecture, the software interface (firmware, cloud and desktop/smartphone apps), packaging and name according to customer needs. We customize automation scenarios, forecasting models and technical specifications of the BOX to suit your needs.

  • Customizing hardware architecture
  • Customization Software Desktop/App UI
  • Packaging Customization
  • Cloud Customization


BOX-IO supports the key communication protocols (such as Zigbee and Lorawan) to deliver the best technology available on the market. Safety, accuracy and reliability are the 3 requirements that should never be missing.


The IoT ecosystem has been developed in years of R&D through own and European funding, tested and certified in specific environments to offer the maximum reliability and accuracy of the data collected.

Request a customisation based on your needs

Network of wireless sensors and actuators

The ecosystem supports hundreds of WIRELESS sensors and actuators from different manufacturers, which are used in different fields of application.

You can extend the system easily and intuitively, permanently or temporarily, avoiding invasive interventions on your business.

With the support of ZigBee, LoRaWAN and many other international wireless communication protocols, the ecosystem ensures maximum interoperability and flexibility for control and monitoring in any operating scenario, customised to customer specification.

  • Simple and quick installation
  • Easy extendibility
  • Support for the main communication protocols
  • Multi-level scalability
  • Hundreds of compatible wireless sensors
  • Low power consumption

Monitoring and control of environmental parameters

Detection of numerous indoor and outdoor environmental parameters on more or less large areas

A.I. Automation Models

Implementation of customized forecasting models for automation scenarios and based on artificial intelligence

Remote control platform

We provide a Cloud-based remote control platform consisting of Web-Apps for smartphones and desktops


Customised IoT Kit

Our partners can count on our tried and tested standardized modules and our experience in technical development for new customized solutions.

Customization is based on the specific needs of the customer in order to maximize your business: we customize the software (both cloud and firmware), hardware (support for specific protocols) and packaging (for resale). The ecosystem is also certified for B2C sales.

  • We provide self-powered wireless technology for device manufacturers
  • Rapid implementation of wireless modules in lighting, sun protection and HVAC&R applications
  • Eco-sustainable building automation and industrial use
  • Savings in renovated spaces and in the energy consumed by the building


Eco-sustainable buildings are the key to a significant reduction in global energy consumption. Self-powered wireless switches and sensors are maintenance-free by eliminating wiring. Walls no longer need to be maintained, which benefits space flexibility.

  • Flexibility, crucial in the construction phase

  • Subsequent changes in space distribution require additional design and installation work

  • Optimum position of the sensors

  • Integration into existing building management systems

Request your custom version of the IoT ecosystem