Some of our projects realized

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Customer: Alessandria Hospital
Objective: Evaluating the quality of life of post-disease cancer patients

Customer: Vicenza Diocesano Museum
Objective: Development of an IoT platform for the proper conservation of the works displayed

Customer: ECOSPARKS, Kerr Italia
Objective: Development of an IoT platform to optimize energy consumption

Customer: Comune di Padova
Objective: Digitization of attendance management procedures in local markets

Customer: PaStella Factory
Objective: Optimization and efficiency of the resources used for agricultural treatments

Customer: NL Lock Electronics
Objective: IoT system for remote control of locks

Customer: Ente Consorzio Agricolo
Objective : Water saving through plant irrigation

Customer: University of Verona
Objective: Implement an IoT system to increase building security

Customer: IVM
Objective: Provide an IoT solution for Smart Working