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We are IT engineers specialized in various development areas to support your innovation

Tailored technology and innovation

We were born in 2007 as a spin-off of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona to support innovation with skills related to modern electronic systems and in particular to the software component, with the aim of obtaining value from hardware increasingly powerful and complex.


We always invest in Research and Development, corsi di aggiornamento e in nuove tecnologie.


Our team is composed by a group of IT engineers from software developers e progettazione hardware.


Thanks to Agile and DevOps rispondiamo reattivamente ai cambiamenti degli scenari.

Sofware to give birth to your solutions

We develop the technology to make connected and smart your solutions with the aim of making your ideas real


Our Know-How

From the Firmware development to the Cloud Computing

Thanks to our know-how we are able to develop and implement a 360-degree technological projectdall’ideazione allo sviluppo prototipale fino alla produzione in serie, attraverso strategie di sviluppo orientate alla qualità, alle performance e alla sicurezza.

Soluzioni HW - SW Custom

We offer experience and flexibility orientate all’obiettivo di un progetto finale concordato e personalizzato.

Data Management

We develop the whole process for the realization of software, hardware, firmware, IoT e Cloud solutions.

Control and monitoring

Solutions for intelligent data monitoring of machinery, systems, buildings and products.

A unique partner for your innovation

We have a strong synergie with the department of Computer science of the University of Verona

Università degli Studi di Verona

University of Verona

Electronic Systems Design - ESD

The research group of Electronic Systems Design from the Informatics Department of the University of Verona
throughout the years has developed more than 250 innovation projects and the collaboration with EDALAB allows the creation of innovations at the height of the market.

In the last years this synergie has become fundamental in the data analysis and in the development of customized machine learning algorithms required by the monitoring scenario.

Machine Learning Qt Framework React Native

Our path

Years of experience
Progetti innovativi sviluppati
Reti di R&D

Un organico AGILE

Our team is composed of a group of engineers and developers who are specialists in electronic and IT design with a know-how gained through years of experience within the university and business sectors.

We create innovation with passion and effort, offering to our clients our knowledge.

Giovanni Perbellini

Co Founder & COO

I'm the responsible of the production and development area. I plan and organize the essential activities to achieve the goal and the project timelines.


Walter Vendraminetto

Co Founder & CEO

I'm the responsible of the commercial and marketing area and I make sure that the needs and wishes of the customer are fully satisfied.


Franco Fummi

Co Founder & R&D Manager

I'm full professor in information processing systems in the Department of Informatics of the University of Verona and I design and develop high-innovative projects.


Graziano Pravadelli

Co Founder & R&D Manager

I'm full professor in information processing systems in the Department of Informatics of the University of Verona and I deal with the conception and development of innovative projects.


Stefano Cailotto

Co Founder & IT Specialist
I am Senior Project Manager and my task is to respect the project requirements by coordinating the development and production team ensuring full compliance with the timelines.

Stefano Cordibella

Product Project Manager

I am Senior Project Manager of the BOX-IO solution and in particular my task is to customize it to the customer and develop new IoT solutions.


Francesca Bigardi

Service Project Manager

I am Senior Project Manager and my task is to coordinate the development and production team regarding the software and cloud services part.


Representing one partner with an ICT know-how able to help clients realizzazione dei loro progetti.


Our daily challenge is givin shape all’innovazione tecnologia per metterla al servizio di chi ne ha bisogno.


Transparency in project management, competence and and professionalism delle nostre persone.


The transparency è il valore che guida il nostro lavoro e ci porta ad adottare strumenti che permettono la share di tutto l’iter del progetto.


Our team is composed by a group of engineers highly specialized in vari ambiti di sviluppo, in grado di risolvere velocemente problemi ed esigenze di un progetto IT.


In EDALAB you will find a professional and dynamic work environment a qualsiasi imprevisto di progetto.


Research and development

R&D area for your solutions

We conduct R&D projects supported by the European Union for IT innovations that promote the human, social and environmental aspect.

We have a department that deals with the products innovation and traditional solutions in order to keep up with the times.