Firmwaresfondo2 Firmware Development OTA Updates We develop firmware for applications with radio protocols with OTA support, apply coding standards for quality and create specific test environments. Datamonitoring Real Time Data Monitoring Data collection from field installed sensors We develop embedded systems for collecting and monitoring field data in indoor and outdoor environments. We provide monitoring and remote control platforms: multi-language and multi-user desktop and smartphone apps. We develop embedded systems for collecting and monitoring field data in indoor and outdoor environments. Embeddedsfondo Networked Embedded System Development of integrated embedded solutions We design and develop HMI touch for industrial and non-industrial systems, web-based configuration panels, integrated solutions through commercial boards and S.O. linux customization through the YOCTO framework. Integrated Embedded Services Firmwar Dataanalyss Embedded


We provide companies operating in the fields of consumer electronics, industrial automation, home automation and robotics and in all sectors where embedded and real time technologies can be applied, services that allow you to quickly launch on the market reliable and high quality products. We have developed projects on PLC, SCADA and PC for industrial automation systems dedicated to industrial plants, processing machines and prototypes.


We produce highly customized software for PLCs and HMIs using VB, C++, C# .NET, Qt framework and user experience oriented technologies.

Artificial Vision and Augmented Reality

Image capture, motion and shape detection, high-level processes, intelligent cameras and quality control

Digital-Analogue Motion Control

Step-by-step systems with complex axis movement logic

Machine control interfaces

Advanced touch interfaces with integrated microservices specific for machine control

Discover our innovative project of augmented vision


Hardware and Software development for dedicated systems

High Level Programming Consultancy

PLC and High Level programming consultancy with Microsoft for the adoption of efficient and effective software development strategies

Customizing Linux S.O with YOCTO

Production of tools and processes for the creation of Linux distributions in embedded architectures and customization of operating system through YOCTO framework



Hard and Soft Real-time Programming

Hard systems with the objective of a rigid precision in the response in temporal terms. Soft systems with the objective of statistically respecting (tolerance) time constraints that, if prolonged, lead to a degradation of the application.

Analysis and Data Collection in the Cloud

We work with Microsoft Azure, BlueMix e AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Development of HMI Touch and control solutions

Development of industrial and non-industrial touchscreen interfaces for production, technical and energy management.

A.I Predictive Models

Development of predictive models based on artificial intelligence


Real time data monitoring indoor and outdoor

We design and manufacture Real-time data acquisition systems for industrial production machines. All data are collected in real time with PLC, building databases with SQL or No-Sql technology and can be analyzed and shared in your company information system.


The data can be analyzed to predict deviating values from the results programmed and controlled by interacting with a database with a clear and usable software interface.

Our customized software systems adapt to your industrial data collection infrastructure such as :


  • Product parts
  • Machine status
  • Stopping times
  • Temperature
  • Speed
  • Signals A/D
  • Pressures
  • Torque values
Sistemi Embedded 4.0


One of our advantages is that, together with the design and development of hardware devices, we also provide dedicated software.

We started in the Linux embedded sector developing firmware, drivers and customised operating systems for all the most common architectures.

  • Firmware bare metal development
  • Driver kernel Linux e BSP development
  • System programming (daemons) for Linux
  • Qt Quick-based multitouch GUI development

Firmware bare metal Development

We were born as a software house engaged in firmware development for dedicated hardware. Our Firmware division guarantees performance cycles that exceed the quality and modularity of traditional industrial firmware.

We implement any functionality in the microcontroller without necessarily using external chips (signal processing, TCP/IP networking, control loops) in order minimize production costs.

We develop hard real time performance with high determinism levels, with or without RTOS, without wasting time with less robust proprietary protocols

  • Average project timing: 2-4 months
  • Architectures: PIC, AVR, cortex-M, ARM
  • Bus: USB, CAN, SPI, Ethernet, Ethercat

Driver kernel Linux e BSP development

We can modify the existing driver, even writing it again, in case of compatibility problems between a device and Linux, also updating a recent version of the kernel. We specialise in drivers for various USB and PCI-Express peripherals and industrial buses such as canbus and ethercat.

Our developers are able to acquire data to different gigabits in the most effective and efficient way, develop and maintain BSP Linux by improving those provided by CPU manufacturers or creating one from scratch from basic elements such as bootloaders, kernels and rootfs.

  • Average project timing: 1-3 months
  • Bus: USB, PCI-express, CANbus, EtherCAT
  • OS: Linux

Programming of Linux system

Design and development of Linux daemons that interface with hardware, network, or other system or application software. We know how to handle both a multithreading and event-driven approach, and at the same time use the right syscalls to interface efficiently with the kernel. We can optimise CPU time, memory usage or response latency, as appropriate. We usually accompany the development to a test suite that helps in refactoring and evolution.

  • Average project timing: 1-4 months
  • Programming languages: C, C++
  • Libraries: libev, libuv, pthread, zeromq
  • OS: Linux

Qt Quick-based multitouch GUI development

We make the most of the flexibility and effectiveness of Qt Quick for creating user interfaces oriented to user experience and usability. We can replicate a graphic mockup proposed by you or provide our realisation with the active or passive involvement of the customer. We make the best use of the chosen processor and graphics acceleration and integrate with your ecosystem taking care of every aspect of interaction design, We study the user and his behaviors and maximize the framerate without penalising the graphic aspect. We use InvisionApp or AdobeXD for rapid prototyping of the UI.

  • Average size of projects: 4-12 months
  • Programming languages: C++, QML, Javascript
  • Libraries: Qt Quick
  • OS: Linux, Android