Edge Computing

Purchasing and processing Hub and sending data in real time 

Edge Computing to control and monior in real time

What's the goal?

Collecting, processing and sending data also within Cloud.  

The Energy KIT allows to increase energy efficiency through artificial intelligence algorithms that allow cost savings by acting on the elements involved in the production process.

Some features

Gateway - Multi-protocol

Acquires, sends and controls data collected from your solutions or sensors / actuators in the field

White Label

Possibility to customize the entire gateway with different enclosures according to the installation context and different levels of design, resilience and communication range.

Related Services Hub

Simple and scalable configuration software to offer fully customisable cloud micro services.

It acquires and integrates any data from sensors, products, machinery and solutions.

Cloud Service

The software component designed for real-time data acquisition, monitoring and control via a dedicated Web/App. According to your needs we can offer the following cloud services:

Private Cloud



Hybrid Cloud



Shared Cloud



Custom Cloud