Environmental monitoring

Real time monitoring of environmental and weather conditions

Solution for outdoor environmental monitoring

What's the goal?

Weather station for long distance environmental monitoring

The weather station is a KIT for wireless monitoring of environmental and atmospheric parameters over long distances. We also provide artificial intelligence algorithms to improve shelf life and wine quality.

Some features

Long-range communication

Thanks to LoRaWAN it is possible to acquire and communicate data over long distances (+10km) and low energy consumption (+5 years of life).

Different environmental parameters

In the KIT it is possible to integrate sensors for temperature, humidity, brightness, vibration, atmospheric pressure, air quality, UV rays, soil state, wind, rain, NO2, NO, CO2, CO, PM2.5, PM10 and many others.

Integration with A.I

The data generated can be shared with your product and your solution to implement predictive models that improve the shelf life of your product according to quality and cost savings.

Cloud Service

The software component is designed for real-time data acquisition, monitoring and control via a dedicated Web/App. According to your needs we can offer the following cloud services:

Private Cloud



Hybrid Cloud



Shared Cloud



Custom Cloud