GOTHEM Project : Global Energy Management



Innovation for energy sustainability

The GOTHEM project aims to promote the acceleration of technological innovation in support of the energy transition, meeting some important challenges related to the energy field such as the massive use of renewables, technological development in energy efficiency, innovation for heating and cooling convenient and zero emissions, the development of efficient batteries and storage systems, the integration of control and management from the perspective of smart grids.

The project includes the Industrial Research phase for the definition of reference specifications, the study of concepts, the analysis of problems in relation to the state of the art, the identification of the most suitable and innovative technologies.

The project involves the study of algorithms for optimizing energy management and the analysis of data derived from the observation of the results from the prototype plants that will be realized and verified. In addition, there is a substantial phase of experimental development that includes the implementation of specifications for the realization of components and innovative solutions, including their integration.

Partners involved: IDEA Spa, Centro Giorgio Levi Cases, University of Verona, Riello SpA, AGSM Verona SpA, IRCA SpA, TACO Italia Srl, Midac SpA, MAS Elettronica Sas, Gizero Energie Srl, EDALab Srl, Inpronta Srl, Bozza Srl.

The project was carried out with the support of POR – Objective “Investments for growth and employment” – ERDF part – European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 – AXIS 1, ACTION 1.14.

The total amount financed for the GHOTEM project was € 5,781,837.00 with support obtained of € 2,907,181.80.