Hardwaredesign Rapid Prototyping Device IoT Protyping We design and develop hardware to customer specifications to make your innovative ideas real and of real value. Microcontrollers, boards, microprocessors and DSP architectures. Microprocessoresfondo Hardware Design Microcontrollers, Control Boards and IoT Devices We take care of and manage the entire process of creating a new hardware device. From the design to the choice of materials, from tests and trials to a final solution Dalla progettazione alla scelta dei materiali passando per test e collaudi fino ad arrivare ad una soluzione finale Reversesfondo Reverse Engineering Upgrading of traditional boards with new technologies Integration of hardware with the aim of making it smart, connected and smart. Our hardware designers take care of every detail in the development of schematics, PCB processing and sampling. Upgrading of traditional cards Hwprototype Microprocessore Reverse


We design hardware for a wide range of embedded systems - from simple components based on a single 8-bit microprocessor, to complex embedded systems with high safety requirements, 64-bit processors and a large number of I/O connections.


Some of our key hardware services

Rapid prototyping of IoT devices

We specialize in rapid prototyping of hardware such as boards, microcontrollers, IoT devices, connected devices and wireless sensors. From design and component procurement to market testing and manufacturing, which we perform with extreme care and quality.

Precision and attention to every detail

Our engineers always prepare tailor-made testing equipment that can verify every aspect of the board, as well as detect and resolve any anomalies on the test bench.

Rapidity of execution

Thanks to our experience and expertise we guarantee very short delivery times and if you also entrust us with production and design we can amaze you with the quality of the product.

Updating of traditional boards

We analyze your card to redesign it and improve its performance and reliability thanks to new technologies, through reverse-engineering we can also recover the firmware sources.

Android - Linux board design

We design hardware and customize the porting of Android, we choose the middleware that is most useful for you, we manage the power-management, network connectivity, installation and updating of applications.

Design and Development of Linux Boards

Together we choose the best processor, the amount of RAM and Flash and we take care of integrating all the required peripherals and connectors.


We design, maintain and develop hardware prototypes such as microcontroller boards with AVR, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, ARM7 architectures.

We take care of every detail of the scheme: power supply, protections, interference, digital and analog I/O, controls, signals, buses. We check the expected obsolescence of the components, and we make sure that it will be possible to produce the board for many years, if you wish.

We take care of every type test and certification required, with attention to climatic, mechanical and electromagnetic requirements.


And if you also entrust us with the production, the project will become even more convenient for you.


Our ability to address and propose solutions to customer problems is not limited to the fields of software and information technology. The company, through the group of electronic design and firmware development is able to give efficient answers with high added value in the field of solution engineering.

We support you in all phases, from the conception of the product to its production


  • Development of microcontroller boards and wireless modules
  • Integration and firmware development also with RTOS
  • Software development for interfacing, configuration and support applications
  • PCB design and debridement
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Development of safety critical systems according to safety standards (IEC 61508)
  • Prototyping and support for EMC testing (pre-compliance and compliance)
  • Hardware and software testing and validation
  • Development of specific test systems and platforms for products and equipment

We have a first level specialized laboratory and it is in a position to apply the most modern technologies both in terms of design and assembly techniques.