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Gianluca Mazzi
Gianluca Mazzi

Business Development


EDALAB wants to thank all its partners, suppliers, collaborators and customers for the work done throughout the year 2019, a year rich of opportunities and success that has allowed us to growth and reinforce our offer of services and technological solutions.

Milestone in 2019

The 2019 saw the development and testing of the new version of BOX-IO with updated hardware, new firmware and a new cloud to meet the highest market standards. For 2020 is planned the introduction of machine learning, of a new UI for the Mobile and Desktop App, the test to support new protocols (such as 5G, NB-iot and bacnet) and new international product certifications.

In particular, part of the development of this solution mainly follows the needs and demands of our customers and business partners.

Due sono i mercati principali in cui siamo stati più attivi, Smart Building and IoT Healthcare.
For the former we have developed the BOX-IO platform to ensure the maximum energy efficiency of a building by enabling intelligent remote control of energy users (heating, cooling, ventilation, electricity and water consumption).
In the latter we have carried out several technological projects, in particular for the Hospital of Alexandria and we have designed and developed a connected smartwatch that could detect and monitor vital parameters in real time and shared with the doctor.

We have been the winners of the best project funded by European with the BIP BIP solution, a smartwatch developed in collaboration with the neuroscience department of the University of Verona to help overcome the freezing phenomena that characterise the march of Parkinson’s patients. A special thanks to Dr. Stefano Tamburin for the excellent direction of the project. This year we have been able to develop the first prototype and in 2020-2021 we have the objective of testing and refining it in order to be able to market it in 2022.

We have also consolidated our presence in the industrial sector for embedded software and firmware development dedicated to specific hardware, HMI for the control of industrial machinery and plants and intelligent remote control IoT platforms.

Finally, thanks to the consulting company 4 PROJECT SAFETY snc, we have remodulated processes and documentation in order to respect the data of the subjects involved in our projects, in compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Social innovation: Gothem and Domho

With the DOMHO and GOTHEM projects we want to place the environment and the people at the centre of the design and technological development processes, aiming at the creation of intelligent and sustainable environments in which life acquires quality, safety and well-being. Such places mainly include the house, the urban environment and the workplace that thanks to the enabling effect of ICT (networks and sensors, mobile technologies, automation and home automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning)will be interconnected and capable of supporting people autonomously in the various daily activities, in particular those more fragile (elderly and disabled). Environmental and energy sustainability in development and product processes, social, cognitive and physical sustainability of the services and functionality offered, are therefore the common denominator for the smart and sustainable living network.

The progress of these two IoT projects follows the planned timetable and are currently installed at co-housing and industrial partner sites of the consortium involved in the development. By the end of 2020, these solutions are expected to be validated, updated on the basis of field tests and their subsequent commercialisation for the market.


2020-2023 projections and future challenges

For 2020, we are facing a number of new challenges, such as bringing BOX-IO on a large scale, completing the certifications of the new version and expanding its portfolio. We also want to increase our technical knowledge of machine learning and improve the transfer of technological knowledge to the outside through events and training courses for all those who share our knowledge passion and desire to get involved.

EDALAB will continue to invest in people and skills by offering new training and refresher courses to its employees and collaborators, especially in the field of software development and hardware prototyping and to adopt programs of Open Innovation together with the Research Laboratory ESD of the Department of Informatics of the University of Verona.

In our three-year development plan we aim to consolidate and extend win-win business partnerships where we can exploit synergies to create real market value by providing comprehensive knowledge, capable of better implement specific innovative projects.


We want to thank all the people who have come into contact with EDALAB in the hope that, in one way or another, we have been also a part of your growth and offer our warmest wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.


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