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DOMHO BASS inauguration project

The DOHMO BASS project aims to di mettere in relazione il mondo delle imprese con quello della ricerca e dell’innovazione delle università venete al fine di favorire lo sviluppo di soluzioni IoT per fa vivere in modo indipendente le persone con gravi disabilità. 


On Saturday, 15th May 2021, from 11.00 a.m


Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso - in via Risorgimento, 9

What is it about?

On Saturday, 15th May 2021 from 11.00 a.m has taken place the inauguration of DOHMO BASS. Domho's first home automation-enabled home designed for cohabitation and indipendent living of people with severe disabilities, thanks to the collaboration with the local project Buoni Amici Social Street «BASS» and the Atlantis Center.

The project named "Sistema Domotico Iot Integrato ad Elevata Sicurezza Informatica per Smart Building (IoT)" was designed and realized with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund - POR FESR 2014-2020 Action 1.1.4 DGR 1339/2017 - by three universities and over twenty companies as a project of the «Venetian Smart Lighting» and «ICT Regional Innovative Networks for Smart and Sustainable Living ». 

Hanno partecipato all’inaugurazione The Regional Councillor for Economic Development, Roberto Marcato, and the Minister for Disability, Erika Stefani attended the inauguration. The inauguration was also attended by the mayor of Castelfranco Veneto, Stefano Marcon, the Scientific Director of the DOMHO Project, Luciano Gamberini, the President of Rete Luce In Veneto, Alberto Sozza, the director of Centro Atlantis, Raffaella Munaretto and the prioprietary of the apartment, Daniele De Nadai.

The partner for the realization of the IoT project

We want to thank all the partner who have come into contact with EDALAB in the realization of the project: Regione del Veneto; DOHMO; Luce in Veneto; ICT4SSL; Buoni Amici Social Street; University of Verona; University Cà Foscari of Venezia; University of Padova; Acquarium Ventures Srl; BFT Spa; the group L'incontro; Forma Srl; Orion Srl; Coem Srl; Elesi Luce Srl; Engi Srl; Italian Design Lighting Srl; 3D Everywhere Srl; Stylnove Ceramiche Srl; Vetrart Snc; Nectogroup Srl; Siru Srl; Metal Lux Snc; Multiforme Sas; Patrizia Vopato Srl e Lam Srl.

IoT hardware prototype development

The IoT project has required the development of hardware prototypes (electronic data acquisition cards) for the control of lighting systems, through Zigbee Controller and IoT hardware prototypes for control of automation sysems, through WiFi comunication Gateway. It was therefore necessary to produce electronic data acquisition cards, one for each type of device present inside the house that allows to digitalize the traditional environment to capture, monitor, and control device data.

Scheda di controllo Dispositivi

Firmware development

We have developed also the firmware to be implemented in communication prototypes for the lighting and automation sector, in line with the industrial research activities carried out in WP2 (definition of technological specifications), in order to ensure the correct functioning of automation and lighting systems and the possible management of updates. 

In particular, the firware of BOX-IoT gateway that allows to manage and monitor the installations with sensors and actuators and the project scenarios.

For us at EDALAB

DOHMO BASS is the typical example of how EDALAB is able to connect and coordinate intelligently different devices. But also an example of how active it is in the social sphere, in fact it seeks to operate in sectors where technology can bring added value. In this case the added value is the innovation put in place to improve the quality of life of people with severe disabilities.



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