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Sito Innoveneto 2015 06


EDALAB enters Innoveneto Technology Suppliers Catalogue

Innoveneto is the portal created by the Veneto Region to promote and support the processes of innovation, technology transfer and digitization of Venetian companies.

Through Innoveneto it is possible to look for the companies and operators that offer their services as suppliers for the participation to the present and future notices published by the Veneto Region.
The “Suppliers’ Catalogue” on the portal is a freely available database where you can search for partners, research organisations, companies and professionals specialised in providing services and highly innovative skills.

Relying on EDALAB, Veneto companies can then access dedicated financing notices issued by the Veneto Region (click here to see the notices currently present)

  • Development and technology transfer
  • Software e firmware development
  • Hardware rapid prototyping
  • R&D for innovative solution
  • Technologies for industrial and residential systems
  • Development of Internet of Things solutions

Over the years we have developed numerous R&D projects dedicated to life technologies (Smart Sustainable Living), to the energy efficiency of processes, plants and buildings and to Internet systems of things, as well as numerous software development projects and hardware prototyping for highly specific solutions (such as Wagoo Project, goggles dedicated to augmented reality).

Go to the website of Innoveneto or of the Veneto Region to find out more:

Innoveneto Website

Veneto Region: Financing notices of technological services