We develop dedicated software to connect objects to increase the profitability of your business

IoT Solution Design

Our IoT projects leverage the expertise of our engineers in the field of software development by bringing established methodologies and processes in the implementation of frontier solutions dedicated to the world of home automation and industry 4.0.

Prototyping of communication devices and infrastructures

We quickly develop prototypes and hardware IoT devices tailored to the case in question. Whether it’s a single device or a communication network, we follow the entire development process: from conception and prototyping to production and marketing.

Dimensioning and network infrastructure

Network infrastructures that can cover indoor and outdoor beams of varying distances

Business scenario analysis

The preliminary evaluation and strategic development of the project is followed by a highly specialized IT team

Services for the management and analysis of Big Data

We implement artificial intelligence models for predictive analysis and maintenance

Systems for monitoring and parameterization of data

We develop CLOUD cross-platform app for real-time monitoring and control of the IoT platform

Thermostats, photovoltaic panels, alarm or lighting systems: objects that we all know and that today can transmit fundamental data on consumption, safety or deterioration.



We make your products and services smart, intelligent and connected

Optimisation of consumption and monitoring of usage data

Such as, for example, energy consumption of light, water or gas from distributed systems

Smart control and surveillance of systems and buildings

Implement a smart and connected security level, able to detect in real time smoke leaks (but also floods, fires, thefts, etc.)

Management of the service in total comfort or from long distances

We require centralized and non centralized remote control platforms that can be accessed via desktop or mobile apps.

Application examples

  • Intelligent indoor temperature control
  • Management and booking of classrooms and workstations
  • Distributed control for identification and access management
  • Comfort management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart Parking
  • Intelligent and sustainable waste management


We design solutions dedicated to home and building automation, i.e. the application of new Internet technologies to improve the quality of life in the office.

The IoT technology is based on the idea of equipping common objects of everyday life with special sensors capable of making these objects communicate with each other and to be able to manage them remotely.

Scenarios for Automation

We create specific automation scenarios to reduce inefficiencies, create internal and external value, avoid waste of cost and time. We can create automated ``rules`` activated by ``trigger`` devices on ``actuators`` devices.

Intelligent and connected

We make traditional intelligent and connected solutions in the Cloud to communicate data, manage connected devices and create a distributed network of value for your business.

Artificial Intelligence

We implement artificial intelligence-based predictive models that improve the quality and reduce inefficiencies of your products and services. Through collaboration with university research networks we have access to and development of increasingly sophisticated and elaborate models.

IoT for Industries 4.0

We accompany companies in the gradual process of digital transformation

We develop software and infrastructures for the 4.0 industry and for IoT technology applied to the world of industrial production and new renewable energies.
We are able to design robust and secure IoT infrastructures in which “smart” objects are connected to each other by means of sensors so that valuable data and information can be exchanged between them: for example, data on energy consumption, on the deterioration of parts or on video surveillance of plants and machinery.

Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance

We offer models and algorithms that can reduce maintenance costs and downtime, collect data to design and improve products and services, and perform forecasting analysis to improve strategic business decisions.

State of the art communication protocols

We use LoRaWAN technology, which has become an established reference for long-range data transmission and low energy consumption: it guarantees secure data transmission over long distances and is the current standard in the development of Internet of Things networks. business The technology used is based on LoRaWAN IoT wireless sensors capable of communicating data at distances of 100 km in open fields, 15 km in semi-rural environments and more than 2 km.


Thanks to our experience, we are able to operate in different business scenarios
Need an IoT platform?
We provide ready-made, proven and fully customizable IoT solutions.


Complete customization of the ecosystem according to your specific requirements. Customize hardware, software and the cloud

IoT solution ready and finished

We provide a vertical IoT (BOX-IO) platform that is the result of constant research and development. The solution is proven, reliable and accurate

Proof of Concept

We provide a proof of concept of the final solution right from the start so that we can discover the potential and benefits of our solution right from the start.