A perfect MIX of code and soft skills

We support you, from design and prototyping to production and maintenance for the market

We connect things

Technologies to bring your products online

Rappresentiamo un unico partner tecnologico in grado di ideare, progettare e sviluppare prodotti innovativi e personalizzati implementando algoritmi di raccolta e analisi di dati, intelligenza artificiale e analisi predittiva.

We connect your solutions to acquire valuable data to improve the quality and inefficiencies thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.


ICT Know-How

Transversal skills for technological development

Each project is the result of transversal skills and of an in-depth knowledge of elements that integrate and which, together, create the real final value. Thanks to the synergy with the University of Verona we boast a very high level of know-how in the field of embedded, internet of things, firmware, software and hardware. 

Design and test

Design and field test

We design the solution according to your needs by integrating cutting-edge technological components capable of increasing value, the artificial intelligence and the predictive analysis. We personally follow the entire test phase on the field per debuggare e consolidare la soluzione hardware e software prima di andare sul mercato. In questa fase ci assicuriamo di risolvere qualsiasi errore o malfunzionamento del progetto.
aiuto costante


By your side, at any stage of development

We are able to follow the entire phase of development, from analysis and design to the development and implementation for the market. We follow and support the customer in the crucial phase of roll-out and large-scale release of the project. Our support continues in the post-release with services, maintenance and support formulas according to specific needs. 

Customization on specification

We take care of every single detail and grow together with your success

A unique technological partner

We respond to software, hardware, and cloud needs as part of ICT project implementation through partner centric strategies.

Full customization

We represent a single technology partner that can conceive, design, develop, upgrade and implement innovative products/services from A to Z

We enable the inteconnession

With our technologies and know-how, we customize your solutions ad hoc to make them smart, intelligent and always connected

Our Partners

We can't do everything right, so we rely on a vast network of trusted partners

The constant evolution of the market has pushed us to work and invest even more in research and development and artificial intelligence.
During these years we have collaborated with a wide network of trusted partners in order to realise new innovative projects, with cutting-edge technologies, in more specific sectors where our competences need to be integrated.