Co-Working IoT Solution

Workstations Management and booking system


IVM Office


Realization of a new operational flow in the Smart Building field


Reservation of co-working workstations

Business Challenge

The project required a strong interaction with the Customer's technical staff to define the usability and mechanical dimensions of the devices to be manufactured. The BOX-IO platform has been adapted to accommodate the new operating flows.
All the phases that characterize an innovative project have been faced: conception and design, prototyping and production, final realization and installation.


6 months


Manufacturing Furniture


Reduction of rental costs and efficient allocation-effective workforce

  • Reduction of rental costs
  • Efficient allocation of production resources
  • Innovative value IoT solution
  • Increased workforce productivity

Design, implementation and supply of a smart hardware module to be installed at the desks through which interact with the customer with the smartphone or smart card.

We have created a booking system for desks in a logic of co-working that can reduce costs and improve productivity, avoiding waste of time and space. The BOX-IO gateway has been customized to manage devices integrated with the desk top and able to provide information on the status of the booking. Each desk becomes controllable and bookable with your smartphone via Bluetooth or with the use of an RFID card. The system has allowed to reduce unnecessary costs and thus improve business performance, its application fits perfectly into a context of lead management.

  • Mobile App to book your desk wherever you are
  • The user is registered in the Cloud server
  • The user can book the desk via smartphone
  • The Cloud server controls and manages the status of the LEDs on the displays on the desks
  • BOX-IO
  • Smart Devices: TYPE-R, TYPE-S
  • IoT Network
  • Cloud Application
  • Software Application
  • Hardware Design
  • ZigBee
  • BLE
  • Implement a workstation booking system
  • Enable users to interact with the desk
  • Innovate the service with an IoT solution
  • Hardware and Firmware Development
  • Mechanical design
  • Provision of IoT Platform

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