Digital Transformation

Digital trasformation of attendance management in local markets

The project required the analysis of current operating flows and their conversion into data and models useful for the development of an app supplied to supervisors for the complete management of market presence detection. Through the use of smartcards and interactive maps of markets, field operations and data collection on a centralized database have been greatly simplified.


APS Holding/Comune di Padova


Implementation of an Android app for the management of procedures and a web platform for data collection and synchronization from and to the DB of the municipality of Padua


15 months



The data included in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only, the managment of the privacy is one of our priorities and has been rigorously followed by specialized consultants on the subject.
  • Simplify and speed up detection procedures in local markets
  • Digitization and data collection in the internal database

Responding to customer needs, we have developed an Android application for the complete management of attendance control in the markets. The system has seen the implementation of smartcards and interactive maps of the markets to simplify and speed up the different procedures.

We have also developed a web service for the synchronization of data collected in real time with the Database of the City of Padua and for the management of backoffice aspects of the app.

The project required a careful analysis of the DB of the Municipality of Padua, the management of the localization on SVG map, the real-time sending of the status of the presence detection on all online devices and the management of smart cards and badges.

  • > Simplify and speed up procedures
  • > Remote control and monitoring
  • > Synchronization of data in the internal DB
  • > Real-time data collection

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