IoT Healthcare Platform

IoT platform for the detection and monitoring of patients' quality of life


Oncology Network - Alessandria Hospital


Surveying and monitoring the quality of life of post-disease patients.


Creation of a web and mobile app connected to a cloud database

Business Challenge

To create an IoT Platform for the Oncology Network patients it became necessary to design also a Cloud database aimed specifically to collect all the patients data (medical records, quality of life assessment questionnaires, vital parameters). Furthermore, a web and mobile app was linked to this database, essential for both patients and doctors, for the former to complete questionnaires and for the latter to analyse these data. This communication between the two tools was made possible with the creation of its own architecture.


5 years (wearable IoT development)


Public Healthcare


Remote control and monitoring of the patient’s quality of life in real time.

  • Web and mobile app for both patient and doctor
  • Development extendable to wearable (smartwatch) for monitoring specific parameters
  • Post-operation quality of life monitoring
  • Real time Cloud data collection

The project involved the development of a database on an external rented cloud space allowing to collect and process data from patients’ medical records. Thereafter, an application was created, for both web and mobile which through a specific architecture, communicates with the database and allows the patient to complete a digital survey specifically designed to analyze they quality of life. In addition the treating physician, thanks to a Web Dashboard, is capable to examine and research the data and information obtained from the questionnaires.

The entire system, was also designed to be extended to the automatic monitoring of patients’ vitals over Android smartwatch, and then immediately give feedback on the findings. In addition the design of the multiOS application has also lead to the creation of a Multiplatform user interface (Android, iOS, Windows/Linux).

System of supervision and quality of life control of patients who have had cancer and have been operated by the Hospital.

  • Multiplatform smartphone app (iOS and Android)
  • Supply of a Web Dashboard used by both the patient and the doctor for monitoring
  • Rent of cloud space

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