IoT Lighting Platform

Design, development and implementation of an IoT platform for the control and monitoring of LED lighting fixtures

The acquisition and trasmission of operating data from hundreds of lamps with very tight timings, has led to non trivial-problems that have been fixed by taking advantage of the Zigbee wireless protocol features. The project has required also the implementation of automatisms capable of providing automatic control scenarios.


Opulent Technologies, ECOSPARKS


Optimise the energy consumption of the lights by monitoring the operating parameters and switching on the lights themselves on the basis of the actual presence of people


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Private Lighting

The data included in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only, the managment of the privacy is one of our priorities and has been rigorously followed by specialized consultants on the subject.

Conception, design, development and supply of an IoT platforms composed of control unit, wireless sensors, cloud application web and app for the monitoring and control of indoor and outdoor environments.

The project required the integration of the stystem with Customer's LED lights for their real-time control and monitoring according to rules that adapt to real context. 

The project required the design, development and integration of innovative LED lighting devices for the monitoring and control of energy consumption in the smart building sector.

To this end, a specific firmware was developed for lighting devices that can send information via BOX-IO to a Cloud Server.

We have integrated specific sensors and actuators for the implementation of control scenarios in smart building (temperature, humidity, lighting, security control doors and windows, CO2) with the aim of offering maximum comfort and well-being within the building. The parameters, scenarios and their optimal range were then studied to ensure maximum quality.

In order to be able to control and visualize the entire platform, we have therefore developed a special Web and App interface through which the user can access, in the cloud, to monitor the different scenarios implemented.

We have therefore created an IoT ecosystem composed of hardware, software, firmware and the cloud, which, integrated with appropriate services, is able to control and monitor different scenarios in the smart building sector.

  • > Optimization of energy consumption of business scenarios
  • > Realization and supply of an IoT ecosystem for automation and real time monitoring
  • > Scalable and easily extensible platform for additional services
  • > Ecosystem easy to install, configure and use
  • > Real-time data collection

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