IoT Platform for Museums and historical buildings

BOX-IO Customization for control and monitoring of Diocesano museum in Vicenza


Diocesano Museum of Vicenza


Temperature and humidity control toward the proper conservation of the works displayed (notably the wood ones)


BOX-IO Custom Platform

Business Challenge

To achieve this project LoraWAN sensors were chosen, given their capability of overcome obstacle and the ability to filter through the thick bearing walls (thanks to theirs 868 Mhz frequency).
This decision was made on the base of the known broad interval of 30min between temperature and humidity values.
Furthermore, the adoption of radio sensors has considerably simplified their non invasive installation, since no electric cables nor wiring were needed thus preserving the museum historical walls.


5 years


Buildings management


Construction and Implementation of a Museum IoT Platform in order to control and supervise in real time the temperature and humidity levels in an historical building of considerable dimension and with a complex structure

  • Micro-climate optimization in historical contexts
  • Build and deliver an IoT ecosystem for real-time monitoring and automation
  • Scalable and easily extensible platform for additional services
  • Ecosystem easy to install and noninvasive
  • Absence of infrastructures and wiring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Real-time data collection
  • Preservation of historical works

The project required the development of an IOT Museum Platform Solution employing BOX-IO Technology in order to supervise an historical building of considerable dimension and with a complex structure (i.e. extremely thick walls, need to reach the building remote areas).

To this end, they were employed five wireless sensors with LoraWAN technology, capable of controlling the temperature and humidity levels towards the proper conservation of the works displayed, especially the ones made of wood and more likely to deteriorate.

The 868 frequency made it possible to filter through the bearing walls and to easily overcome the possible obstacles. Furthermore, the adoption of wireless sensors avoided the electrical wiring thus keeping untouched the historical walls.

Ultimately, a Web Dashboard was designed and created which combined with the renting of a Cloud space, has provided the museum personnel with real time control and management.

Provision of an IoT platform consisting of control unit, Wireless Sensors, Gateway, Cloud and Web Dashboard for monitoring and control of environments.

  • BOX-IO supply
  • Supply of 5 LoraWAN temperature and humidity sensors
  • Rent of cloud space
  • Web dashboard supply for the sensors control to the museum personnel

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