IoT System Integration

Software development and integration of a proprietary embedded solution

The project has been developed for the management of electronic lock opening tasks by operators equipped with smartphones with bluetooth connection. The multi-platform application (Web, Android /iOS) for remote control of electronic locks of electronic locks has been realized following strict usability and security criteria. It was necessary to develop a Java library to manage the Blackbox, as well as the implementation of a protocl for sending commands via Bluetooth to the electronic lock via smartphone.


NL Lock&Electronics


Control electronic locks remotely


6 months



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Design and development of a digital platform for the remote management of electronic locks through smartphone reading

The project aims to integrate an electronic lock with BLE connectivity to allow control through the sending of commands from smartphones. These locks are used in batteries in banking and similar contexts.
The lock status monitoring and control application has been developed for Web/Android/iOS and presents the tasks of the day to the operator, allowing to manage the opening and closing confirmation operations of the locks.
The opening is carried out by sending a disposable code (OTC) that is generated by a remote Blackbox connected to a server on the network.

The web portal allows you to manage the personal data of operators, of the locks and of their owners, the operator task and the protocol for sending OTC/receiving closing confirmations with your smartphone and locks.

There is also a dashboard to monitor the status of the system in real time.

  • > Data Monitoring
  • > IoT Platform
  • > Dashboard UX
  • > Cloud Application
  • >Embedded System
  • > Remote control of locks via Web application and Smartphone
  • > Increased level of remote security
  • > Dashboard control and status monitoring

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