IoT Agriculture Solution

Development and Supply of an IoT Platform for the optimization of treatments in agricultural

The project involved the integration of a customer-patented sensor with its control code in an IoT platform designed for agriculture that could capture the data along with data detected by other standard environmental sensors.


PaStella Factory


Optimisation of treatments in agriculture


10 months


Smart Agriculture

The data included in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only, the managment of the privacy is one of our priorities and has been rigorously followed by specialized consultants on the subject.

Acquisition, collection on the field and data sending over long distances with the integration of proprietary technologies

We designed the field data acquisition card to support the customer’s patented sensor. To this end, an ‘Arduino’ module has been integrated into the board to accommodate what has already been developed by the customer, and then added the components for the acquisition of other environmental data and the radio module useful for sending data to the gateway.

The radio protocol chosen for the communication is LoRa, for which the data communication has been optimized in terms of timing and payload.
The BOX-IO gateway with interface for the LoRa protocol has been quickly adapted to collect data from the control board and has been used for all the development phases: from prototyping to the first versions for production.

The rapid development of the prototype made it possible to carry out numerous field tests that allowed us to arrive at the supply of a tested, precise and reliable IoT platform under all operating conditions.

  • > Real Time Data Monitoring
  • > IoT Prototype in a Short Time
  • > Collecting and sending data over long distances
  • > Energy efficiency gained up to 13%

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