IoT Security Solution

Access control via IoT security solution

Abbiamo sviluppato una soluzione IoT security integrata che consente l’identificazione e l’accesso alla struttura e agli ambienti interni con l’obiettivo di garantire la massima accessibilità e la migliore organizzazione delle attività per assicurare un elevato livello di sicurezza.


University of Verona


Increasing access security


6 months



The data included in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only, the managment of the privacy is one of our priorities and has been rigorously followed by specialized consultants on the subject.
  • > Realize an integrated access control system that can be easily integrable and centrally managed
  • > Modifiable access rules for certain categories of subjects

Design, development and implementation of an IoT system to control access to the offices, classrooms and departments of the University of Verona.

We have developed an identification and access control system to increase the level of security at the University of Verona. The system is centrally controlled and is present both indoors, for access to classrooms and reserved parts of the building, and outside for entrance and parking.

It is possible to grant temporary entry passes, limiting access to certain areas or to certain specific subjects (such as external visitors, suppliers, partners, technical staff, scholarship holders).

The system has been installed in more than 150 gates on a territory of 20km2 and is easily extensible and configurable in order to manage an even larger area in the future.

The UNIVAC system, through the interface with the authoritative DBMS of the University called “GIA”, allows both the creation of “structured” user profiles and the creation of “guest” user profiles (local) and their management by “groups” according to official (e.g. students, teachers, structure, etc.) or customized. The choice of the type of RFID badges and the data contained in them (Tax Code) is due to the necessary requirement of compatibility with those distributed to students during enrolment, which can then be “enabled” to the UNIVAC system through a simple one-off “activation” at the structure. The access rules can be customized by means of predefined schemes of “Time” and “Location” on the basis of the particular needs of the control bodies of the Structures concerned.

  • > Distributed access control system with smartcard
  • > Easy extension, configuration and installation
  • > Security management of more than 100 gates
  • > Indoor and outdoor
  • > Remote access control
  • > Automatic identification and access
  • > Increased security level

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