IoT Solution - Connected Services

Connected products and services in real time

The project has required a strong interaction with the customer's technical staff to define the usability and mechanical dimensions of the devices to be built. IoT devices and electronic boards have been developed to connect sensors and devices in the field to the Cloud platform.

All the phases that characterize an innovative project were also addressed: conception and design, prototyping and production, final realization and installation.


IVM Office


Develop new connected services in real time


6 months


Manufacturing Furniture

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  • › Create a connected system for remote booking of workstations
  • › Allow users to interact with the desk on the field
  • › Innovate your product by developing new services for the user
    › Realizzare servizi smart da proporre ai propri Clienti

We have designed, built and supplied smart hardware modules to be installed at desks through which the user can interact through the smartphone or a smart card.

We have created a desk booking system in a co-working logic capable of reducing costs and improving productivity, avoiding wasting time and space. The IoT gateway has been customized to manage integrated devices with the desks plan and able to provide information on the status of the reservation. Each desk thus becomes controllable and bookable with your smartphone via bluetooth or with the use of an RFID card. The system has allowed to reduce unnecessary costs and thus improve company performance. Its application fits perfectly into a lead management context.
Il progetto è poi continuato tramite lo sviluppo di KIT IoT dedicati a creare nuovi servizi connessi per l’utente: tramite un HMI Touchscreen, mobile app e comandi vocali è possibile interagire con le postazioni per controllare la temperatura, le luci e i media connessi nella stanza.

  • > Mobile App to book your desk at any place and time
  • > Centralized services in the Cloud (user registration, events and notifications)
  • > The user can book the desk via smartphone
  • > The Cloud server controls and manages the status of the LEDs in the displays on the desks
    › KIT IoT dedicati al controllo e monitoraggio della postazione integrata con l’edificio

The solution has enabled the Customer to develop new connected services for the user and increase thus the value of his proposal.

  • > Efficient allocation of production resources
  • > Innovative value IoT solution
  • > Increased end user engagement

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