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Gianluca Mazzi
Gianluca Mazzi

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CORE-WOOD: Supply Chain del Legno

Competitive repositioning of the supply chain

FOR FESR 2014-2020. Call for proposals for the support of R&D projects developed by the Industrial Districts and the Regional Innovative Networks


ACTION 1.1.4 “Support for collaborative R&D activities for the development of new sustainable technologies, products and services”. RD 1139 of 19 July 2017

Amount of project funding

Project expenditure: € 4,809,528.56

Support obtained: € 2,465,095.43


The project intends to address a strategic issue of the supply chain, namely its competitive repositioning in a changed international context, a competitive environment in which the pressure of competitors from across the Alps is very high and therefore urgent to close the deep competitive gaps. To this end, it is necessary to jointly address different research themes, especially for two main factors:

1) in-depth analyses of the supply chain show the strong link between strategic/organisational/distributive and technological/production problems, so that only a systemic approach can identify truly effective and impactful integrated solutions;

2) the replicability of the proposed interventions will be certain and the domino effect is highly probable.

Phases and activities related to the development of the project

WP1 – New business models for the enhancement of the proximity chain

1.1 Market trends and innovative contract models

WP2 – Product innovation/wood processing processes

2.1 Laboratory for the study of wood cascade commitments

2.2 Wood defect detection systems

2.3 Valorisation of wood production waste

WP3 – Wood Living: Comfort, liveability and multi-functionality of wooden structures

3.1 Comfort Wooden Environments

3.2 Multifunctionality, Integration of technological systems, Advanced interior design solutions

3.3 New Structural Consolidation Solutions in Wood

3.4 Demonstration interventions – LCA LCC

Project duration

Start: 07/11/2017

Conclusion: 30/10/2020


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