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EDALAB is implementing the project "IoT4SSL Export" financed by POR FESR 2014-2020, Axis 3. Action 3.4.1 Regional Council Resolution no. 1779 of 29 November 2019. "Export promotion projects aimed at companies and their aggregated forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis".Notification of eligibility for financing. CUP: B34E20001100009.

The project, in line with the development directions of the RIR, falls within the area of IoT (Internet of Things) for the development of new connected, smart and sustainable solutions, aimed at fostering social equality and improving the quality of life of people and communities.

Il progetto, nella sostanza, mira a dare visibilità internazionale alle capacità tecniche e progettuali congiunte delle aziende proponenti per la realizzazione di soluzioni in ambito IoT. A tal fine, utilizzando i risultati che le aziende stesse stanno ottenendo nel progetto di ricerca della RIR in corso di sviluppo. Esso propone quindi l’attivazione di un percorso di analisi del mercato internazionale di interesse delle singole aziende proponenti, per poi porre in essere appropriate attività operative in linea con la pianificazione delle singole aziende e la relativa sostenibilità. Saranno quindi coivolti consulenti e fornitori specializzati in internazionalizzazione e le aziende parteciperanno ad eventi ed incontri con i soggetti target.

The final goals of the project are summarised below.

1. Increasing the international competitiveness of the companies involved, creating and realising new business opportunities

2. Finding new bodies and partners for the development of RIR topics, and subsequently involving RIR companies that are not among the project proposers in the opportunities

3. Giving visibility to the IRR's activities at international level by allowing the results of research activities to express their potential.

The project was inspired by the following reasons. The international IoT market, thanks to adequate network infrastructures, regulations and easy financing, is growing rapidly, which is why it is vitally important to have the opportunity to compete in a highly competitive environment in order to continue to grow, gain greater visibility and make sure to offer the best technology even in highly dynamic contexts. IoT-related technologies are foundational elements for the objectives of the RIR and the proposing companies are particularly active in their development, as demonstrated in the project "INTEGRATED IoT DOMOTIC SYSTEM WITH HIGH INFORMATION SECURITY FOR SMART BUILDING" currently active and financed with the call DGR 1139 of 19/7/2017.

Other equally significant projects in which the companies have participated are:

1. UPLANDS (DGR 889 del 13/6/2017): project that led to the design and realisation of an intelligent streetlamp (EDALAB and ORION and others)

2. IOTO – IOTO Internet Of Tools (DGR 889 del 13/6/2017): project to develop software tools for cross-platform data management - – www.ioto.it (NEGROPONTE LAB and others)

The public contribution to the operation is equal to € 72.366,60.

EDALAB benefits from a public contribution amounting to € 32.800,00.


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