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Gianluca Mazzi
Gianluca Mazzi

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Safe Place, the IoT for people

EDALAB is partner of the project "SAFEPLACE. IoT systems for healthy and safe living environments" co-funded by the Veneto Region under the POR 2014-2020 Action 1.1.4 (DGR 822/2020) aimed at improving the functionality, usability and accessibility of all classes of devices known to counter the COVID-19 emergency and enabling their integration into IoT-based systems, thus creating modular solutions capable of synergistically and flexibly combining different technologies according to specific needs.

Duration: 10.09.2020 - 30.12.2022.
Budget: €2,999,480. Total eligible contribution: 1.973.033,26 €.

The project aims to give continuity to the IoT system implemented in the Domho project and in particular focuses on the extension for monitoring and control of vulnerable people through new connected devices.


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