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When Artificial Intelligence and IoT meet

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are two important information technologies that have become, over time, protagonists in different application areas. They are two different concepts, but at the same time they are able to integrate perfectly to create new valuable solutions with high potential from a functional point of view.
Let us now better understand the characteristics of IoT and AI, and how these two realities can be integrated and developed simultaneously.

When it comes to AIoT

The combination of IoT and AI enables the development of increasingly innovative and advanced technological solutions, the so-called 'AIoT'. But how can these two realities integrate?
Artificial intelligence exploits a very valuable resource in order to function and constantly improve: Big Data! But in order to truly speak of machine intelligence, similar to human intelligence, these resources must be reliable and always available.

To overcome this problem, IoT technologies come into play. IoT technologies are able to collect, aggregate, analyse and provide predictive modelsusing a very complex system of platforms and devices. Therefore, the combined use of IoT and AI increases the mutual value of the two solutions: on the one hand, AI increases the potential of IoT by implementing machine and device learning; on the other, IoT increases the value of AI by providing resources in terms of connectivity and data exchange.

The combination of IoT and AI, which we can define as AIoT, therefore enables even more reliable and accurate data, predictive models and functions, providing a solid basis on which to develop new efficient and effective technological solutions.

The integration of these two realities can be considered almost indispensable. The potential of IoT and AI, limited to their univocal use, cannot be fully expressed, and it is only from their union that new advanced platforms can take shape, enabling the analysis of data and algorithms capable of simplifying the use and operation of smart devices.

The difference with IoT

Just as it is true that IoT and AI complement each other perfectly in a mechanism for developing each other's potential, it is equally true that they are two different IT technologies, and therefore have their own distinctive features.

Indeed, IoT is a technology that exploits a wide range of computing devices interconnected through the network. All these devices build a platform that can detect, aggregate and transfer data autonomously and efficiently.
Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, concerns thecreation of machines that are able todevelop their own intelligence, and therefore able to learn the habits and uses of users based on the usage scenarios encountered.

AIoT at home

A classic example of the joint application of IoT and AI is that of the connected devices we may have at home, the so-called smart devices: a self-respecting demotic system always has a hub that aggregates data, processes them and manages the various functions of all the other connected devices.

This is how the connectivity and interconnection offered by the Internet of Things can be integrated with Artificial Intelligence when the hub is able to learn the habits and lifestyle of the user, and perhaps understand when to turn on the heating, when to turn off the lights, or when to raise or lower the blinds. By constantly collecting data, the system is also able to make suggestions or changes, and it will be up to the user to interface intuitively with these smart platforms to achieve an increasingly complete and satisfying user experience.


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