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We bring data to Cloud in order to display and analyse them in real time Discover more

Cloud Native app for smart services

We make intelligent solutions even traditional ones by collecting data in the workfield and bringing them to the Cloud for real-time storage and analysis. The data is then analyzed, controlled and monitored through customizable dashboards equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Set up, configuration and Web application development

We develop open source sofware modules that free you from any proprietary constraints

From data to services

Flexible architectures based on Kubernetes technology that allow to develop real-time services such as notifications, alarms, events and intelligent automatisms.

Added value services

We connect your products/services to communicate your data in the Cloud and configure/develop microservices related to the products and services management.

Our cloud development services

Scalable and flexible Cloud architecture, designed according to your needs


Applications suitable for the analysis and control of world wide solutions.


Hybrid service that allows the development of flexible frameworks.


Kubernetes-based architecture with customizable microservices.

On premises

Software solution that is installed directly on the customer's server.

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Web Applications

We develop multi-user dashboard

We create web and mobile applications for remote control and monitoring of your products and services, all in real time.

We can create multi-user, multi-service and multi-language dashboard for the analysis, the storage and the data exportation on the field.

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Cybersecurity and scalability

Protect your data and information

We guarantee the 5 pillars of cybersecurity : availability, authenticity, integrity, confidentiality of the data acquired and monitored. Our cloud architecture is equipped with different levels of cleaning and data processing that allow the solution to be easily scalable and of absolute quality.

Un servizio completo - cloud computing

A complete service

From analysis and development to maintenance and updating

We carefully choose the architecture that best suits your needs and that can be based on our technology but also on hybrid components such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

We develop customized software modules for the back-end and front-end of the application.

Un servizio completo - cloud computing