We develop specific artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the quality, efficiency and decision making of the controlled solution. We create services and software solutions to connect your solutions online.
We design and build infrastructures IoT to make objects intelligent, putting them in communication with each other and enabling remote control via applications in the Cloud.

We connect your products in real time

We develop technological platforms to connect objects, assets, products and spaces

Wireless communication

We use the latest generation wireless communication networks to acquire and control data.

A.I Smartness platforms

Intelligence is enabled by machine learning algorithms that generate forecasting and predictive models.

Interoperable control hub

We build and deliver edge computing for communication, processing and sending of data in cloud environments.

How we make your solutions smart

We manage the entire data chain, from the acquisition in the field to the Cloud

Context analysis

A specialized IT team is responsible for analyzing and studying the implementation scenario of the solution.

Solution design

A final solution PoC is developed demonstrating the value it can generate.

Machine learning algorithms

Data collected in the field allow you to generate accurate predictive models to achieve your goals.

Mesh networks

Through mesh networks it is possible to overcome any communication barriers and obstacles.

Interoperable Modules

We develop and supply specific data acquisition modules to enable communication between different technologies.

From the sensor to the Cloud

We deal with the entire process of realization of the platform, from the data acquisition to their analysis in cloud environment.

Each IoT component is tailor-made

It is possible to customize each control and monitoring element

Dashboard Web/App

You can control and monitor the entire ecosystem in every place and moment.

Edge gateway

It enables the connection between your objects with multi-protocol technologies.

Configuration software

Quick and easy installation, update and extension.

From data acquisition to its analysis

analisi del dato
Data Acquisition
Real-time data acquisition in the field via traditional or wireless protocols such as LoRaWAN, Modbus and OPC-UA.
Data Monitoring
Through our software we provide the data for their monitoring through any type of graph required by the project.
Machine Learning
We develop AI algorithms for the implementation of forecasting and predictive models starting from the data collected in the field.
Events, notifications and rules
Ability to create conditions, rules, events and notifications when certain conditions occur in the environment in which the platform is inserted.
Unmatched scalability
IoT platforms exploit technologies that allow them to be easily scalable, upgradeable and easily extensible with the most modern technologies on the market.
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Connect and digitize your solutions to remotely control them

Let's create intelligent organisms

We design and develop intelligent features to digitize your product

The data acquired in the field by wireless communication is processed and analyzed through A.I algorithms that allow to improve quality and reduce the inefficiencies of products and services, improving the decision making of yours business.

Smartness automatism

We create specific automation scenarios to reduce inefficiencies, avoid waste and optimize time and costs.

Traditional solutions via Modbus RS485

Tramite bridge multiprotocollo possiamo acquisire dati in Cloud da qualsiasi protocollo di comunicazione (analogico, digitale, I2C, 485 Modbus).

Machine Learning e Deep Learning

Tramite il gruppo di ricerca e sviluppo ESD (Electronic System Design)
possiamo implementare modelli predittivi basati su correlazioni di dati e
comportamenti attesi della soluzione.

Events, notifications, rules and much more

Sviluppiamo moduli software per servizi e microservizi personalizzati in base alle tue richieste.

Fully scalable platform

Ogni componente dell’architettura è pensato per essere flessibile e scalabile per gestire migliaia di oggetti connessi.

Wireless communication protocols

We connect objects through low energy consumption wireless communication protocols.


Optimization of the energy efficiency of systems, buildings and solutions based on internal and external conditions using wireless technologies.


Control and monitoring of machinery, plants and production lines via OPC-UA and Modbus 485 protocol with predictive maintenance functionality.


Development of communication networks between products and services to acquire data and control them remotely.


Tracciamento e controllo in tempo reale delle condizioni di asset strategici (veicoli, magazzino e linee di produzione).


Monitoraggio in tempo reale delle condizioni ambientali e dell’inquinamento atmosferico.

Tailor-made solutions

Each platform is developed based on the context in which it is inserted

Some components may be standard but in order to extract maximum value in any control and monitoring context, the platform must be adapted to ensure the achievement of the expected objectives. In fact, each customer can request specific features such as rules, events and automations that are unique in their kind.