We design hardware for a wide range of embedded systems: from simple components based on a single 8-bit microprocessor, up to complex embedded systems with high safety requirements and equipped with a high number of I/O connections.
Progettiamo, curiamo e sviluppiamo prototipi hardware come schede a microcontrollore con architetture AVR, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, ARM7.

Rapid prototyping of innovative solutions

Design and development of electronic control boards


We develop prototypes hardware with ATMEGA, ESP32, STM32, CORTEX-M, CORTEX-A architectures.

Firmware Embedded

Firmware development on customer-specific hardware with or without RTOS and OTA updates.


Rapid digitization of physical products for modification, integration and adaptation with other components.

Linux Board

We verify e update the expected obsolescence of components for production over time.

Communication modules

We take care of the power supply, protections, interference, digital and analog I / O, controls, signals, buses.

Testing and validation

We take care of every necessary type test and certification , with attention to mechanical and electromagnetic requirements.

We connect things​

Design and development of electronic control boards

Control board

We develop control boards by choosing the most suitable middleware . We manage power management, network connectivity, installation and updating of applications.

Linux O.S with Yocto

Design, development and customization of tools and processes for creating Linux distributions in embedded architectures.

Communication modules

We develop integrated embedded communication protocols to allow communication between objects and the network.
La nostra capacità

Rapid prototyping

From the design to the realization for the market

Our ability to deal with and suggest different solutions is not limited to the software or information technology part, but, thanks to the contribution of the electronic design group and firmware development, we are able to give answers also in the area of solution engineering .
La nostra capacità
Sviluppo HW-SW

Precision and passion

Trust on our attention for details

We design and develop hardware prototypes by taking care of every detail of the scheme and by verifying the expected obsolescence of the components, making sure that, whatever the result is, it will be possible to reproduce it for many years. We take care of every necessary tests necessario e di eventuali certificazioni, con attenzione ai requisiti climatici, meccanici e elettromagnetici.

Our expertise

ARM 32 bit microcontrollers: ST, Renesas RA, NXP, TI
32 bit microcontrollers: Renesas RX
8/16 bit microcontrollers: strong> Renesas R8C, Renesas RL78, Atmel ATmega, Microchip PIC
Wireless Applications: TI (CC2530 Zigbee), STM32WB (BLE), STM32WL (LoRa/868MHz), ESP32/ESP8266 (WiFi), NORDIC nRF(BLE,Zigbee)
Communication protocols: Ethernet, USB, I2S, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, RS485, Modbus, OPC-UA
Pmixed-signal card design: diagrams, routing, simulations, design of multilayer boards, also for high frequency digital signals, integration and testing;

Firmware development on FPGA/CPLD: Intel and Xilinx devices;
Power electronics: AC/DC, DC/DC power supplies (boost, buck, etc.);
EMC and Safety Certifications: (CE, FCC, TUV, UL, etc.);
Development Tools: Altium Design, KiCAD, Matlab and others .