Software dedicated to specific hardware

We provide to the companies operating in the consumer electronics, industrial automation, home automation and robotics sectors and in all sectors in which embedded and real time technologies can be applied, services that allow products to be launched on the market quickly. reliable and high quality. We have developed projects on PLC, SCADA and PC for industrial automation systems dedicated to industrial plants, processing machines and prototypes.

We develop software and firmware according to specifications

We develop software for your devices, both with a dedicated hardware and commercial


ATMega STM, Microchip, NXP, Renesas, Texas Instruments, Espressif Systems, Nordic Semiconductor.

Wireless Distributed M2M

MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) protocol for distributed M2M IIoT systems.

Touchscreen HMI panels

Fully customized via VB technologies and Qt oriented frameworks to the user experience.

Sviluppo HW-SW

HW-SW development for dedicated systems

Design and implementation of network systems

Our software engineering team is in charge of designing and building complex data acquisition and control systems which are then tested e tested in our laboratories to provide the performance and quality required by customer.

Operator - Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Design, development and maintenance of GUIs based on Qt framework

3D vision and Augmented Reality

Image acquisition, motion and shape recognition, high-level processes, intelligent cameras and quality control.

Motion Control Digital - Analog

Development software for step-by-step systems with complex movement logics axes.

Machine control interfaces

Control and monitoring of machinery with digital and analogue technologies, multiservice and multilingual.

Alcune tecnologie che utilizziamo ogni giorno

Linux embedded

Progettiamo e sviluppiamo software embedded o destkop per applicazioni Linux real-time

QT Framework

Impieghiamo il Framework QT per implementare interfacce utente sia desktop che embedded (multitouch) su misura per il progetto

MQTT - IoT Message

MQTT è il protocollo di messaggistica standard che impieghiamo nei progetti IoT per connettere dispositivi remoti impiegando una larghezza di banda davvero minima.

Architectures for cyber-physical systems

Development of advanced cyber-physical systems for remote control and remote monitoring

Remote control

Techniques for the automatic design of hardware / software for embedded systems modeled at the transactional level (TLM).

Network design

Design of network protocols and architectures, evaluation of the performance of network systems, characterization of overlay networks.

Electronic Design

Realization of basic algorithms for the design of electronic systems, synthesis of combinational and sequential systems, discrete event systems and physical design.

Analisi cloud

Data acquisition and analysis in the cloud

Software development customized to the specific needs of the customer

We design and manufacture real-time data acquisition systems for machines engaged in industrial and non-industrial production. The data collected in real time constitute databases with SQL or No-Sql technology and can be analyzed and shared in the various company information systems.

Servizio specializzato

Software development Embedded

Specialized in software engineering and electronic design

We were born in the embedded Linux sector by writing firmware, drivers and customized operating systems for all the most popular architectures. Now, along with the design and development of hardware devices, we also provide the related dedicated software.

Servizio specializzato
Sviluppo Firmware bare metal

Firmware development bare metal

Smart features without external chips

As a software house engaged in firmware development for dedicated hardware, we guarantee performance cycles capable of exceeding the quality and modularity of traditional industrial firmware. We implement any functionality in the microcontroller minimizing production costs and develop hard real time performance with high levels of determinism.

aggiornamento e sviluppo

Kernel driver development Linux and BSP

Update and development of new drivers

We specialize in drivers for various USB and PCI-Express peripherals and industrial buses such as CANbus and Ethercat. We can modify existing drivers or rewrite them from scratch.

aggiornamento e sviluppo

Linux system programming

Development of daemons on Linux environment

We design daemons on Linux that interface with the hardware and the network, managing both a multithreading and event-driven approach. Development is supported by a test suite to simplify refactoring and project evolution.

Sviluppo GUI Multitouch su Qt Quick

Multitouch GUI development based on Qt Quick

Fluid and dynamic touch interfaces

We make the most of the flexibility and effectiveness of Qt Quick for the creation of user interfaces oriented towards user experience and usability. We can replicate an already established graphic mockup or create it from scratch and user behavior is a fundamental guiding aspect throughout the development process.

Sviluppo GUI Multitouch su Qt Quick