For us the quality of the code is fundamental: the development process includes code review, pair programming, unit and integration testing, continuous integration, deployment automation and issue tracking.
We passionately develop custom software for any desktop, web or mobile device, selecting the languages and more innovative and effective framework, implementing innovative development strategies

Firmware components, web and cloud software

We develop tailored software, guided by your specifications

Industrial Software

HMI applications for operator terminals with integration to the MES.

Firmware Development

Firmware development for microcontrollers with maintenance and updates via OTA.

Software Web

Responsive applications for real-time data monitoring for Android, iOS and Web Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

We develop machine learning and deep learning algorithms for forecasting and predictive models.

Technical consulting

Training courses, technical and strategic consultancy in the software and systems field embedded.

Web Applications

App for PCs and smartphones developed according to the principles of user experience and usability.

We work with CI/CD strategies

Getting results is a question of flexibiliy, methodology and goal orientation



Requirements analysis
Any project begins with a careful analysis of its opportunities and criticality, also of the market and target destination.
Development strategies
The DevOps development process allows you to efficiently resolve errors and malfunctions already during the development phase.
Design and sharing
The design includes the sharing of source files, platforms and improvements for constant alignment with the customer requirements.
Acceptance and testing
A field test phase is essential to identify and correct any bugs, errors or malfunctions.
Assistance and maintenance
When the project arrives to the market our task is to provide support and new updatings of the solution.
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We are also specialise in the industrial sector

Industrial SW-FW development

For the intelligent control of machinery and production plants.

Digital Modeling

Software of modeling and virtual digitalization of the hardware.

Customization Linux O.S

Customization of the Linux operating system with YOCTO

YOCTO, VHDL, Verilog and SystemC technologies
React - React Native

React is a JavaScript library that we use to create user interfaces (UIs) for web applications. It allows us to create quality cross-platform applications in a short time

Java Spring Boot - Backend

We use this framework to have maximum freedom of development of the Backend part

FIGMA - UI/UX Design

Figma is the tool we use to design quality applications with particular focus on user experience.

Competenza - università di verona


Synergy with the University of Verona

The synergy with the the Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona allow us to be constantly updated to offer the best of software development strategies on the market. Our developers periodically hold upgrade and training courses to offer the best technology currently on the market.

CI-CD Strategies Qt Framework ReactMQTT

Competenza - università di verona
Un servizio completo - cloud computing


Let's shape your ideas

We use sharing tools of the project that allow the client to keep up to date and follow the entire development process in a totally transparent way. With us you can follow in real-time the development and progress of work relating to your project.
Metodologia agile

Code quality

Agile Methodology

We offer the guarantee of full compliance with current regulations in the field of technological design: the code is developed according to Misra rules and, if necessary , in accordance with the EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061 standards.
PythonC/C++Java JavascriptAngularNode.JS React Typescript
Metodologia agile