Digitally Transform business scenarios in a smart and efficient way


Remote Control and Monitoring

Le nostre soluzioni IoT permettono di monitorare e controllare parametri ambientali, energetici e microclimatici. Attraverso automatismi e regole intelligenti è possibile ridurre l’inquinamento luminoso ed energetico fino al 70%.

Reduction of energy consumption due to an effective management of the ecosystem

The system allows to control and manage in a more efficient way the energy consumption on the basis of rules that minimize waste and inefficiencies

We develop personalised Kit

We can provide standard KIT (smart metering, building, lighting, comfort, environment, security) or customise one based on your specifications.

Predictive Maintenance

Le nostre soluzioni IoT consentono di generare modelli di previsione, interpretazione di dati e controllare in modo intelligente e automatico l’andamento di processi, impianti e soluzioni proprietarie.

Improve the Decision Making

The ecosystem adopts data-driven strategies aimed to improve business decisions

AI Models

We develop customised predictive models based on machine learning to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business environments.

Make the building smart and sustainable

Our solution for the smart and connected building: energy efficiency, micro and macro climate control, related services, identification and access control, intelligent control of the lighting system.

Energy Efficiency

Intelligent remote control and monitoring of the heating, refrigeration, ventilation, lighting and water flow system.


Ecosystem designed to manage the comfort inside the building (temperature, humidity, CO2, air quality, PM10 and many other parameters)

Request a free KIT* to discover its potential

If you remain satisfied of this KIT we will customize it as you want, according to your specific requests

* The KIT provided is a free trial, some features are not available and its purpose is only to understand its potential.
Adaptation and customization are additional services that will be listed separately.