Systemintegrationsfondo System Integration From concept to delivery We provide integration services for digital IT solutions capable of creating real technological value. We can make your abstract ideas come true, integrate our know-how to achieve your business goals. We integrate SW-HW-CLOUD and Firmware to make your solution intelligent, smart or connected. We integrate SW-HW-CLOUD and Firmware to make your solution intelligent, smart or connected. Software Development Software Custom Software for l'Internet of Things We develop high-performance and secure software, providing constant and timely updates to meet your needs. Our developers are available for training courses and events on innovative development strategies. We develop high-performance and secure software, providing constant and timely updates to meet your needs. Hardwaresfondo Hardware Board-Design Rapid Prototyping We design, design, develop and manufacture innovative IoT devices, microcontrollers and microprocessors. Cloudsfondo Cloud Computing Configuration, Collection and Access to Cloud Data We develop Cloud applications that can collect and control data in real time. We develop specific services and micro-services, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and On-Premises applications. Cloud Application System Integrativo Sw2 Hw2 Cloudv2


We choose with care and passion the best technologies for your satisfaction, adopting an agile and transparent development model thanks to strategies and tools of continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery.


Agile Waterfall Methodology

Scalable application solutions
Objective oriented

Case History
Agile Projects
Short term
Incremental targets
Minimal documentation
Immediate effectiveness
Strong customer involvement with periodic sharing of materials
Frequent deliveries, iterative development and prioritization
Waterfall Projects
Long term
Structured projects
Milestones and planned releases
Requirements analysis
Testing, custom field testing and bug fixes
Continuous support and updates periodically


We have always led innovative projects of real technological value


The mechanical design process studies the solutions that can best satisfy the relationship between the product and its user, creating the structure suitable for the function of the object and considering the needs of people and hardware.


It is a sophisticated architecture of modules and functions that must be constantly updated to make concrete what until recently were only concepts. It is based on constant scientific research and a great synergy with the software development area.


We configure services, micro-services and independent app on customer requirements. The cloud interfaces are designed to ensure maximum usability and the best user experience for the end user.

We develop applications On-Premises, PaaS, SaaS and IaaS.


Through the implementation of programs, services, drivers and firmware, the software design allows our users to rely on a partner capable of managing very complex developments and integrations.

Research & Development

Our design and production departments are the places where the ideas of our clients are filtered and translated by our engineers and then transformed into concrete solutions of value and therefore take shape.

It is a highly qualified department composed of different areas of expertise, which include professionals in research and analysis of materials, mechanical design, software and cloud development and hardware design.

Our formula of IT projects provides for a strong synergy and coordination of the various specialised teams in order to create the final project in the pre-established timing.

Cà Foscari


We take care of every phase and iter of software development, we integrate and choose with care the technologies to implement on a case-by-case basis. This approach allows us to create an ad hoc development based on customer specifications.

We integrate software and hardware components to make traditional solutions smart, intelligent and connected: the ability to exploit synergies is our key to success.

Cloud Applications

We develop Cloud software for Web services interfaces, through pay-per-use formulas, based on actual usage, native cloud applications, hosting and cloud service configuration, and more.


We customise Cloud applications for specific microservices fitted with cloud data collection; Cloud platforms use the API-based approach, which allows different software at the chosen time, to access the same shared database.


We develop IaaS, PaaS, serveless computing e SaaS applications.


Custom firmware for specific hardware

Firmware on microcontrollore: analysis, development and firmware maintenance on RISC and CISC architectures, in C and C++ language, on systems with/without rtos

Native development on core ARM based microcontrollers (ST Microelectronics, Cypress, Atmel, Freescale, Infineon, Renexas, Silicon Labs, ecc.), MIPS (PIC32) and custom (PIC16, PIC24).

Software application development: implementation on Linux/Windows platform in Java, C, C++ for production and testing.

Software development for integration of IoT platforms based on Linux Embedded, NodeJS, MongoDB, MQTT, COAP, ZigBee, Bluetooth 4.0/BLE, LoRaWAN (for building-automation scenario).

Linux Embedded development: analysis, development and maintenance of bootloader, kernel, root file and hardware management applications.



Thanks to the planning and monitoring of activities, the specialised technical skills of our team and the ability to put the customer in a position to supervise the process throughout its development, we can manage the management of an IT project from the concept to its implementation on the market.

The objectives are achieved thanks to a reactive and proactive working methodology that allows us to identify and correct any problems by solving them before they generate any effect.


We accompany you in the implementation of IOT projects of value to your business, introducing your company in the digital reality of Industry 4.0.

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