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Gianluca Mazzi
Gianluca Mazzi

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A new way of interacting: collaborative and valuable

We are an evolving, dynamic company that has always strongly believed in innovation and knowledge transfer.

We consider the technological and cultural transfer linked to the development of a project to be fundamental and this is why we adopt transparent sharing strategies capable of transferring key knowledge to our customers. In this perspective we create social events, webinars and training seminars on technical and strategic content to keep our engineers and developers up to date.

We believe that this internally generated value cannot remain limited in EDALAB but should be shared externally.

We believe that this generated value internally cannot remain limited in EDALAB but it must be shared externally and made available to the community.

To represent this new corporate philosophy we have thought to a new image, a new corporate website and a new type of communication.

EDALAB would like to thank the professionals who have contributed to the creation and development of the new company website in recent months. In particular Fabio, the web-designer who helped us in this evolutionary process.

Technical and strategic articles, social events, training seminars, industry news and much more: take part too and keep up with the latest technologies with EDALAB.

Don’t miss this opportunity of growth and sharing, follow us on our online channels!



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