Our Vision

Make concrete the most exciting experiences of the future, creating and spreading technological value that can contribute to the development of the community. Our greatest daily challenge is the ability to manage technological innovation to make it real and at the service of those who come into contact with it.
Our professional, flexible and integrated process reflects in what we do.

Our Promise

Representing a only one ICT partner with know-how that can accompany our customers throughout the implementation of an innovative technology project, from the sensor to the cloud. The continuous investment in people and technical skills combined with sharing formulas allow us to evolve dynamically in the market. Our solutions are aimed at increasing the productivity and well-being of companies, communities and people.


Our company is based on solid principles that have always guided our strategic choices, we are transparent in the management of intellectual property, source codes and any other element used to achieve the project goal. For this reason we adopt innovative strategies and project tools aimed at the complete sharing of the entire process of a project. Our services and solutions have always aimed at improving people's quality of life, always to the benefit of sustainability and collective well-being.


We are a reliable partner, able to translate your business requirements into projects of real technological value.

We use collaborative working tools and strategies that allow complete transparency and traceability of the project by the customer.


We have a team of highly specialized and professional engineers, able to quickly solve problems and needs of an IT project


By choosing EDALAB you will find a professional and responsive working environment, able to react effectively to any unexpected project event.

Would you like to realize your idea?

Social Sustainability

We create concrete value in sustainable living by offering services and solutions to break down architectural barriers and improve people's quality of life. Discover our concrete actions in the news.

Sostenibilità Ambientale

We provide services and solutions to reduce environmental pollution and stimulate green thinking. Environmental sustainability must not only be a slogan but must also be pursued through concrete actions on the territory.


We are the Industrial Advisory Board of the social project that places the environment and the person at the center of the processes of design and technological development, aims to create intelligent and sustainable environments in which life acquires quality, safety and well-being.

Customizing to specification

Innovating for growth

We are a single interlocutor able to respond to software, hardware and cloud needs in the implementation of an ICT project

We are a dynamic company, always avant-garde in trends, supplies and services who will stay with you from project stage to when the work is over


We create customized solutions based on specific customer requirements. Do you want to develop an innovative, connected and smart product? We are able to accompany you through the entire process of carrying out the project: from conception to its realization on the market.


We make your solution intelligent by implementing algorithms for data collection and analysis, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis that can develop sophisticated models to increase the quality of the product-service


We specialize in wireless technologies that can create distributed networks for the collection and monitoring of data in real time in the field. An object always connected is able to detect and send data that can ensure a significant competitive advantage in the market.


Our technologies are able to reduce the environmental impact of your business thanks to the use of components with low energy consumption and that do not require any kind of invasive intervention. The absence of obsolete traditional wiring and methods allows us to offer technologies with zero environmental impact. We partner with numerous sustainable living projects and provide smart metering and smart energy solutions that optimise the energy efficiency of plants and buildings, as well as monitoring air and environmental pollution.


We are able to represent a single technological partner able to conceive, design, develop, update and realize innovative products-services from A to Z. Thanks to our technologies and our know-how, we customize your solutions ad hoc, making them smart, intelligent and always connected, able to guarantee a real competitive value on the market.

The competition and the evolution of the market pushes us to always offer the best of the technology on the market managing to create real value to your product or services, integrating them on the software or hardware side, updating some key components (such as interfaces or cards) or making concrete your business idea that before was only abstract. We accompany you to the final realization of the solution.

We don’t just connect objects, we create value through their connections


The elasticity of the cloud allows you to modify the platform according to user requirements, making it in fact scalable to infinity. It’s like having all the hardware you want, when you want it.

We develop multi-cloud application services(web-app cloud, on-premises applications, PaaS,IaaS,SaaS and customer specific services) with elastic application delivery, security, and pervasive analytics across data centers and clouds.

Adopt and scale new cloud solutions globally while integrating with your traditional IT infrastructure. We can help you rapidly modernize applications, migrate the right workloads, and securely management your hybrid environment.


Our developers, who grew up in the branch of the Department of Informatics of the University of Verona, are able to develop firmware for embedded systems and are particularly precise about the effectiveness and quality of the code.

We develop firmware for radio protocol applications with OTA support, design and select the most suitable microcontrollers for the project in question and create specific test environments.


We believe that software is the most important element in a technological project and it is, if properly optimized, the basis of a winning project.

We develop customer-specific software such as Web-App Dashboards for industrial control and monitoring, software tools for digital modeling and many other custom software

We adopt Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery strategies that allow us, among the many advantages, to drastically reduce errors and malfunctions and to have a constant availability of the current version of the software and functioning.


Rapid prototyping of hardware is a critical success factor: the platform, the architecture, the technical and material components, the specific requirements. We pay attention and care to every detail, providing right from the start a proof of concept or a pilot project that can make concrete ideas that were previously only abstract.

We got a customer centric strategy that allow us to meet the customer requirements .

We believe it is essential to respect the legal aspects of privacy, data ownership and security. These aspects are even more important in international projects where the rules are different for each country. Our management can provide legal support specifically designed for this type of digital issue.


The realization of an innovative technological project requires transversal skills and a deep knowledge of elements integration that create the real final value.

We have carried out hundreds of innovative projects in different fields and business scenarios that have allowed us to consolidate and refine our knowledge to integrate different technologies in order to constantly improve the services offered to our customers.

With us you will find a single interlocutor able to respond to integrated services such as software, hardware, cloud and firmware. This knowledge allows us to cover the entire process of an innovative project and the knowledge of their integration to extract the best from the project is certainly our added value.


We believe it is essential to respect the legal aspects of privacy, data ownership and security. These aspects are even more important in international projects where the rules are different for each country. Our management can provide legal support specifically designed for this type of digital issue.


We analyse the medium and long term objectives, the business model that the customer intends to apply and the use of the data on which the model is based, with the aim of creating a value project.

In this phase we support our customers in the search for funding and incentives both nationally (e.g. tax credit for R&D, Industry Plan 4.0, etc..) and in Europe (Horizon 2020 and other funding instruments for R&D).


Choosing the IoT platform is critical to achieving a winning project. Thanks to the knowledge of the main market platforms we can direct the customer to the solution that best suits the characteristics of the project, it can be a proprietary platform, integrated or completely new.


The design and implementation of an IoT solution requires a careful analysis of evaluation and impact on your business, you need to know the critical issues and opportunities in the business to be able to create a real final value. In this phase we analyze all the customer’s requirements to carry out a feasibility study of the project, both from a technical-engineering point of view and from an economic-financial point of view.


We configure and implement all the software needed to: integrate the IoT platform with “objects”, analyze data through dedicated consoles, implement algorithms for data analysis and machine learning, develop a real-time monitoring software and multiplatform


In this phase, it is crucial to minimize the timing so as not to risk an unproductive increase in the time to market, with relative loss of value for the customer.


We integrate hardware and software to make “real” the objects defined in the analysis phase. Simulating a “large scale” situation using a “small scale” implementation allows you to fine-tune the entire chain related to your final solution. This helps to maximize the objectives of your business model and to minimize or eliminate those errors due to an incorrect assessment of the impacts related to technological choices.

We follow the whole phase of field testing to debug and consolidate the hardware and software solution before the “go live”, in this phase we make sure to solve any error or malfunction of the project.


Whether or not the company has a Research and Development department, the launch of an IoT solution on the market must include a prototyping phase of the entire chain: from the hardware prototype of the intelligent object to the device and communication protocol, from the simulation of data collection to the web and mobile interfaces, up to the analysis of the data that will be collected by the field.


We help customers select the right partner to produce the connected “objects” in series, in large volumes and with economies of scale. We follow and support the customer in the crucial phase of large-scale roll-out and release of the project.


We build and configure the system infrastructure on which your IoT solution must run, implementing the most advanced paradigms in terms of security, reliability and scalability.


We follow our customers in the certification phase of the “objects” so that they can be sold in all countries of the world.


We follow and support the customer in the after sale with service contracts, maintenance and support and with availability service tailored to the specific needs of the business model.


After all the efforts made in the Feasibility Analysis and Prototyping phase, being careful not to neglect every detail, the one that leads to the launch of your IoT solution in Production is the phase that leads to the crowning of your project and your business vision.

Economics of scale, robustness, security and reliability are key elements that your IoT solution must boast and guarantee.